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Who has seen the trailer for this nutty new movie THE WATCH, featuring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and then unexpectedly Richard Ayoade? It might turn out to be a very surprisingly fantastic over the top crazy sci-fi adventure flick, along the lines of recent SF comedy staring Simon Pegg, Paul. But is there a difficult mix of American and British comedy running through this bizarre new SF movie?

As it features Stiller and Vaughn, it does already bare similarities to previous movies of theirs, slapstick and dumb but hilarious visual comedy and one liners as seen in the likes of Zoolander, Starsky and Hutch, Wedding Crashers. Also entering to among these two champions of American modern comedy, we have one of the younger fine comedy sleaze princes-Jonah Hill. Star of modern legend dumbass teen movie Superbad, could have possibly become a little too serious lately, having lost a good deal of weight, though I don’t really wish to judge on image. But here he is again, the crazy, wild laughs could be back again.

But the real interesting element here, is the inclusion of UK’s Richard Ayoade. In Britain, he is now very well known and admired for his fantastic role as a super IT help nerd in TV comedy show The IT Crowd, but then has also more recent put out his own directorial film debut Submarine, which was actually a very surprisingly very dry, intelligent, profound and engaging, drama.

Now, it is fantastic and really great that I am guessing Stiller admired Ayoade and much Brit comedy and they became friends, similar to the exporting of Ricky Gervais previously. It is great that American audiences seem to really like some British comedy shows, often cult shows over here, even while the shows might seem possibly too specifically British to click with or understand fully, with references to Brit pop culture and jokes.

I do honestly hope that with Ayoade included in this very large Hollywood budget comedy sci-fi flick it will continue to merge international pop culture and respect and interest in US and UK stars and the talent from both countries.

Then also is it too soon after an film like the alien contact comedy Paul?

Well maybe big impressive SF comedies like this are simply a very good thing in general and they should just be appreciated even before we look too closely and pick them apart. Akiva Schaffer directs THE WATCH and will being the tough guys down on the intergalactic beings soon enough…



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