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I’ve been hearing, reading, seeing various information and news about the possible reboot/remake/reimagining of Marvel Comic’s Daredevil. Now, did any of you like or even really love the previous version, staring Mr Ben Affleck back from 2003 ?

I do remember of course, that actually very many people did not enjoy the film even disliked it many ways, and it gained a fair amount of criticism and was I think very unfairly written off too soon. Many joyously mocked Affleck, his crimson costume and little devil horns, but when I saw it, yes it might not have been as prominent in setting new standards like Raimi’s Spiderman or the first Blade movie over ten years back; but this was still a very good interpretation of a much admired and worthy title less known from the Marvel world.

You see, I think that the 2003 film did look really fantastic, visually it just about did match the comic book stylings very closely I thought. The area where it slipped, and where I am sure most fans likely were not all too happy, would be seeing that their beloved Daredevil was perhaps not very close to the regularly dark, gritty, realistic street urban chaos and danger from the comic. I agree that this did not make it over into the film, and there was probably very predictable reason for that-money, box office, etc.

So originally having 30 Days of Night director David Slade recently jump ship, now DD seems to have gained…Joe Carnahan, director of A-Team the movie. Hmmm.
Could that work at all? Better than 2003 version of DDevil? Really?

There is trouble between Fox studios,Marvel and other parties over rights to various characters related to and around Daredevil still which seems to be pulling things down into even more difficult troubles. If there is to be some kind of remake or new interpretation of the horned vigilante on the big screen, it really could be after some time and much navigated problems ahead. But…make mine Marvel.



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