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There are rumors around, sited recently in the latest issue of SciFiNow magazine also, that there could soon be a televised adaptation of NEIL GAIMAN’S much admired novel AMERICAN GODS, which is being scripted presently and even seems attached to HBO and with Tom Hanks producing so far. It might take a while, but it could very definitely be worth waiting for.

But then, if we just stop and think about this seriously-now we all probably know at least some work from GAIMAN, whether his legendary SANDMAN dark gothic comic series, the recent CORALINE animated film, STARDUST the movie adapted from his own tale or some other work, he is respected and admired by almost everyone who has a liking of fantasy in comics, books, television and movies.

The bad feeling here though is the previous adaptations or shows inspired by his books or works. The most outstanding to me, anyway, would be NEVERWHERE from 1996. Very often it is viewed as a failure, a botched attempt, and just terrible thing that did not come very near to what it could have been. Gaiman himself produced a novelisation of NEVERWHERE which differed quite a lot from the series. Yes, the television series could be criticized for appearing too static, bland, like a poor theater production but it does honestly have a number of positive elements to it as well, and is certainly not all bad.

So what I am wondering now, really even while many GAIMAN tales are so amazing and fantastical in scope, characters, worlds and drama of many kinds, can they really, convincingly adapt to the small screen successfully?

There were glimpses of interesting charm and unique scenes and direction in NEVERWHERE, which do suggest good things could still be possible, and the great successes in STARDUST the movie, CORALINE, MIRRORMASK, and other one off shows and screenplays that GAIMAN has produced or been co-writer, there is hope there to be seen.

If AMERICAN GODS can eventually come to the small screen it could be a very amazingly entertaining thing, or God forbid, just awful to witness. There must be enough magic, hope and possibilities in television production to create a fantastic GAIMAN show to make his words proud.



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