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News right in from the latest Scifinow magazine in the UK, officially confirms that not just is a new screenplay for a sequel to the brilliantly mad gothic comedy horror cult classic BEETLEJUICE(1988) being written now by ABRAHAM LINCOLN:VAMPIRE HUNTER and DARK SHADOWS writer Seth Grahame-Smith, but, here is the really fantastic mind-blowing news…

…TIM BURTON AND MICHAEL KEATON have both agreed to be involved again. Oh yes, that is correct. How fantastic is that news? To me, personally, that is just so amazing news, it really is.

But, then the big question is could a sequel to the original really be just as good if even better or actually, any good at all? Yes, we have Grahame-Smith writing, who does so far seem to have a fairly good approach with darkly gothic tales and movies, and with the two previous films Tim Burton was connected as director of DARK SHADOWS, and produced ABRAHAM LINCOLN:VAMPIRE HUNTER I believe. They have a good working relationship, but could that help recreate the actual original vibe of BEETLEJUICE again?

In the past I wished that the original writers could get back together and work on a sequel, and those of you who are of a similar geeky way to myself might know that at least one of two supposed sequels to BEETLEJUICE were even planned many, many years ago, just a couple of years after the original was released in fact. I was very sad when nothing came of those rumors back in the day. Scifinow magazine suggests that due to Burton then having to direct BATMAN RETURNS soon after the first BATMAN movie went stupendously massively successful, the suggested BEETLEJUICE sequel just fell away then. Real shame indeed.

But now after more than two decades(hard to believe I know) it may finally arrive. It seems that Grahame-Smith and Burton are rightly very cautious about taking their time, and making sure that they have a screenplay that of a great enough quality before producing any film at all, which is a good thing.

So then, here is hope that the the creepy, dirty, sleazy old guy exorcist for the recently diseased(?) might crawl back to our screen once more. Make my millennium.



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  1. I don’t know, a Beetlejuice sequel, now? 25 years later?

    • Not the first time though right? Haven’t there been some other films/books where sequels have appeared a very long time later? Or am I thinking of bands and albums now?
      Hey Dan Akroyd still trying to put out Ghostbusters 3

  2. Yeah, I’m sure there were other films with sequels many years later, just can’t think of any right now. That’s probably because the sequels were forgotten so quickly, its like they never happened.

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