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This strange new movie has arrived now, an sort of alternative or hidden history of the life of the much respected American historical icon. the premise being that alongside running America, changing political history and liberating many opressed people, he also apparently slayed many a wild fanged blood thristy vampire on a regular basis.

Curiously, this was a movie produced by and overseen by the legend of Gothic kook Tim Burton, from the mash-up genre novel of Seth Graham-Smith. It does not seem to turn out to be anything like the almost overly camp spook horror scares of Burton’s classic Sleepy Hollow, as it seems to aim straight for an almost too serious tale of Abraham is troubled vampire Hunting legend, missing the chance for more entertaining and obvious spoof moments that could have been.

Was it wrong that this movie is not all out stupid or slapstick parody along the lines of Shaun of the Dead? Could it have been?

There is talk around that the other similarly named genre mash-up novels also from the last few years might head to the cinema screen, and will those too miss the mark, not quite take the opportunity to make us laugh out loud at the unexpected surreal genre imagery put together?

This may be a fine enough movie, strange, bizarre, and not the usual kind of horror flick you might go along to these days, but does it actually seem to be the movie that the book could have been? If you have seen it already, I hope you liked it, but expect that it is not what you might have hoped it would be. That might be a shame.



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  1. Thomas Evans ⋅

    You are completely correct. Not at all what I expected. Though I didn’t think it would be a slapstick, a straight out vampire hunter film was certainly not what I thought was coming.

    • Right, I think because the title and suggestion is so surreal and comical sounding, many people will expect laughs. But then, the trailers show it being fairly serious and grim.

      • True, and yet the title was so ridiculous, I thought even the graphic nasty of the trailer was tongue in cheek. I suspect I might have actually enjoyed it if I had not had such preconceptions. Too bad really.

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