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I eventually made some time to view a few episodes of the very much hyped new television series from the states. Such an over the top, grand full blown fantasy series, incorporating the most classic and well known fairy tales from our childhoods, this series has gone beyond many of the other recent American fantasy or horror drama shows, forgetting or simply not caring if it might seem just way too camp and embarrassing. It is not really subtle with the narrative, you have to really go with the high concept plot-the fairy tale world of classic characters connected to our real modern world. Just reading of that premise months ago almost made me feel sorry for the producers if it likely just sank badly with it being television and not a huge budget film.

Well, actually a few episodes into the series and there are actually a good few reasons to keep watching. The look and effects can often be really rather impressive and can draw you into the story surprisingly well. The music, score, lighting and choice of actors all helps it very much also. There have been a continuing glut of differing fantasy/horror series hit our screens over the last couple of years, one after another, then many axed, one after the next with little stop between to look back and consider which were actually worth keeping.

This one is actually just maybe worth continuing to watch, and most definately to see Robert Carlyle as the scene stealing creepy green skinned Rumplestiltskin, but also the dual characters in each world that the main characters portray is now becoming much more interesting to watch, having built up some emotional and personal relationship tensions and drama. It is a little camp, but this is a fairytale inspired drama we’re talking about. Go with it for what it is. Despite that, it is becoming clear that the writing is now shining through but can it hold on strong like this without decending to thin character types and simple good versus evil?



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