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So still continuing on over on SyFy UK right now is LOST GIRL Season 2. It seems there maybe two episodes left now. Finally the whole fling with smooth charmer Ryan is over, Bo has continued back onto the more serious previous main plotlines again. Dyson has made a moody return, bringing back his trademark moody angst and male frustrations.

After a good number of the ongoing subplots have been confronted and revealed or resolved, now the gang is back together to all confront the end of season big threat, Garuda.

It does perhaps seems that a great deal of the show’s speacial witty charm has been pushed to one side, to make way rather hastily for the oncoming battles and showdowns due. Kenzi and Bo now are forgetting their earlier great banter and Whedonesque one-liners that kept me returning to the show among other things.

Trick is now coming back into the fore with his potent mysterious significance and personal dilemmas along with Dyson, who seems to remember his old feelings towards Bo finally, his wolf-rage bursting back out once again.

The Ash now has suddenly died, which honestly is a fairly good thing, as I just did not really like the actor-nothing personal, though I am sure he was intended to come across as far too slimy and disgustingly smooth. What a loss indeed.

But the Garuda-really? That is the Garuda? After a few weeks of creating enticing mystery and foreboding menace we are seen the Garuda revealed as a smarmy old cad, though he did actually hold a very cool huge pair of CGI flaming evil wings, and sword. Okay then.

I am glad that the whole Nadia thing has ended as I also saw the actress as fairly weak and a bad choice but that subplot could have really been something much better I believe.

And thankfully Ciara has bitten it, sounds harsh yes, but I think it works better for Bo and Dyson without her.

So some things have been shaped up ahead for the final couple of episodes now.  So perhaps the storyline is being tightened up well and focused as the series ends, but I do think that there have been a good few better episodes in the past, and it could be just slightly losing the playful dramatic fun sexy charm that it presented so well earlier. Hope they can bring that back into the next series, all going well.

More Fae next week then…



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