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So then, here we are a week or so after the release of the phenomenally successful AVENGERS ASSEMBLE movie was released (though sadly not in the US yet) and now, gradually more tiny pieces of gossip and info start to trickle out about the next few MARVEL related movies featuring the characters from this mighty film.

So then, it seems IRON MAN 3 is actually shooting this month if some reports are correct. DOWNEY Jr. just keeps bigging it up over and over, which is great but I certainly do not wish to fall back in dissapointment if the eventual movie will not match his hype. But then, after his boasts of AVENGERS, and the script there, he was actually thankfully very right. It most right was very awesome in a number of great ways.

What more can I say or should I say right now about the following hoped for movies featuring IRON MAN, HULK, CAPTAIN AMERICA and THOR? Well, with IRON MAN it does still seem to be largely that the script will originate from the EXTREMIS comic book series from just a few years ago which was very popular and interestingly contemporary and modern in the plot. This could be a slightly dissapointly thing though, as it could suggest a lack of classic and visually amazing villains for Shell Head to battle on screen. That said, many did not totally agree with how IRON MAN 2 balanced a number of colourful villains and heroes. Personally I see the slight unbalanced feel to the film, and regrettable AVENGERS over promotion, but I still really liked the overall film greatly.

CAPATAIN AMERICAN 2 is sounding like it will definately continue on in a present time setting, with CAP possibly still very much connected with NICK FURY and SHIELD in some adventure. There are many storylines possibly, but also many I feel that would most definately not work well for CAP.

With THOR 2, though so much could be done on such a stunning epic grand scale, as only seen in the first movie at several times, between earth sequences. A movie set in THOR’S home surrounding and further would really be so fantastic if handled well enough. I do think KENNETH BRANAGH should change his mind and return for directing duties once again, if he can bury his pride.

Yes, there definately could be some very outstanding MARVEL movies coming in the next five years or so, but then after THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, how are the rivals DC COMICS going to respond…?



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