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Okay then, so last weekend I got to see the movie that I and so many others internationally have been anticipating for probably around three years at least. Already it seems to have made stunning box office cinema release weekend history financially, and that is hardly surprising.

Did it deliver us fans what we had all been hoping we might get? Did the promise of all of those superheroes crammed into one immense movie actaully manage to work well in the end?

My opinion is well…yes, and then some. Overall, my opinion is probably that yes it really did satisfy myself and so many others out there. It very much is a spectacularly huge movie, epic in all ways. There is really a lot going on in all directions. There is Thor’s half brother Loki plotting and returning, there are some mysterious alien enemies, then there are Black Widow, Nick Fury and Shield who begin to group together the other heroes-IRON MAN, THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA and the all new HULK. And then it just explodes. Well, alright it builds gradually in the first hour or so, but in it’s defence that, I believe is necessary and much needed. This is a monumentous occassion, is huge event for comic book movies, and MARVEL studios.

So, director and writer JOSS WHEDON-the man behind BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, FIREFLY, ANGEL, and the underrated DOLLHOUSE series has most certainly done us proud. Did I doubt he could pull it off? Well not him, but perhaps other elements could have ruined it. No, it is not absolutely perfect I will admit that. But…as far as superhero movies go, and the ones already out there, this one, this is the big one. This leaves the rest to stand speechless in amazement.

Much I as do like CAPTAIN AMERICA, in the comics and as a hero, this latest movie incarnation does still not totally impress me. I like the actor, really, he was probably much better in the criticised FANTASTIC FOUR movies I believe, but as CAP, I think he is miscast. Not completely bad choice, but could have been a more suitable actor I am sure. Again, as expected ROBERT DOWNEY Jr. is just fantastic, a totla joy to watch. He works very well alongside Chris Hemsworth as THOR, and the newly chosen Mark Ruffalo as our HULK. To some people, already it is being stated that LOKI possibly does steal the movie, and rightly is a very fine entertaining and manipulative villian, getting much better after his already pleasing turn in THOR last year.  

And so, AVENGERS the sequel? Oh yes, bet your battered old comic books, it is very much on its way and being planned and prepared right now. Definately given to money coming back in now. That movie, could even, potentially be something even more gigantically epic and awesome in perhaps just a few years. Before that, we will be getting IRON MAN 3-apparently begins filming this month, THOR 2, CAPTAIN AMERICA 2, and very likely a new HULK movie and possible BLACK WIDOW and HAWKEYE films even.

I most certainly am a very pleased maturing comic geek, and MARVEL has definately got a very busy time ahead right now.



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