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Right then, finally I have seen THE CABIN IN THE WOODS at the cinema. It took a while, not that I was in anyway putting off seeing it at all. The more I read about this movie, the more it sounded like something that I really had to see, and film that really deserved to be seen.

So what am I going to say? Should I now begin a lengthy detailed personal review, all praise and analysis? You know, right now I think not. I really could do such a thing, and I think I would really enjoy writing a very detailed academic style, like being right back at university once again.

And I have up to now half read a good number of the reviews, which were funny in that the writers had to really carefully describe and praise the movie without ruining it or let away any secrets of the plotpoints at all, which is either very easy or extremely difficult.

Yes, I was very impressed with this movie. Did it work? To most degrees, it certainly did. It is a very knowing, modern clever film. It is mainstream but manages to in ways provoke some questions hopefully.

I am already cetain that it will be one of the films of the year, definately as far as horror or genre movies go. Go see this movie, if you appreciate films, think you know a bit about them, and want to see something different at the same time.



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