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I have just finished watching the pilot episode of this much hyped up new series, and I say that it seems like the kind of show that could continue on quietly but with a reliable unique entertaining momentum.

Here we have another new kind of superhero show, presented in a post-modern contemporary manner, in our pop culture where we have come through years of impressive superhero movies including the X-MEN series, the SPIDERMAN series, the CHRISTOPHER NOLAN BATMAN films and more recently and importantly KICK-ASS. Then on television we have had over the last few years the huge phenomenon that was HEROES, which cashed in on the whole climate of comic book resurgent popularity in film.

In the last couple of years there have been a number of loosely themed superhero inspired television series, aiming to capture and go with some level of interest in this area and take up the audience there for it. Now we have ALPHAS.

This comes over as a much more restrained mostly, thoughtful series, though very similar to HEROES, it begins to unfold as not completely derivative but interestingly mature. It is styled as a kind of gentle drama to begin, after introducing each of the special main characters, their abilities and the premise. As they get together to learn of a mysterious shooting, we see the very different characters conflict and engage with each other in interesting and at times humourous ways.

It sometimes did almost drag on slowly, and could have done with tightening up a little in pace, and toward the end was not as totally original as it could have been or daring either. This show does have a few very interesting combinations of main characters, an honest and interesting balance between them, possible strong storylines to continue it along. I would say it might have been advertised as too much of a super huge event series, but then this is only the start and in time it could well continue on as a special different show, that might offer something more engaging and endearing in the long run.

I will give it time, as these special heroes could find ways of working together well…



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