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There comes news via the SFX magazine site, of an unusual new film inspired by the classic FRANKENSTEIN tale, this time called I, FRANKENSTEIN and directed by STUART BEATTIE, a man previously known as having been involved as writer of films including PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN:CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL (2003), 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (2007), PUNISHER:WARZONE(2007), and well, G.I. JOE THE RISE OF COBRA(2009). Excusing that last terrible expolsive mess, BEATTIE now writes and directs this new interpretation of the FRANKENSTEIN story.

This movie comes from a graphic novel produced by one writer on the UNDERWORLD movies, KEVIN GREVIOUX. Apperently so far, the premise does share parallels with the UNDERWORLD films-their waring groups of werewolves versus vampires, only here with different beasts or monsters.

From a view of FRANKENSTEIN though, will this produce an all new inspired version, without rehashing and simply reforming old tropes of horror and film genre history again?

Personally the best interpretations to screen in my opinion would include of course, the JAMES WHALE 1931 BORIS KARLOFF version, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1933), HAMMER FILMS productions starring CHRISTOPHER LEE and PETER CUSHING-THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN, FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED, and yes I do defend the critically mauled and mocked Hollywood epic version FRANKENSTEIN of 1994 starring ROBERT DE NIRO, HELENA BONHAM CARTER, and directed by and starring KENNETH BRANAGH.

There was also the fantastically bizarre MEL BROOKS spoof comedy YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN with GENE WILDER (1974). Then more recently a little seen smaller budget version a few years back directed by a personal favourite director MARCUS NISPEL, who has directed the remake of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and recently the CONAN remake. This version was some kind of slight attempted adaptation of the FRANKENSTEIN novels written by DEAN KOONTZ over the last decade or more, which actually have modern urban settings in plot and outlook similar to this STUART BEATTIE version due soon.

Are there just too many versions of this hugely influential classic novel?

Like DRACULA, there will always be another, no stopping it. In many ways, it is always interesting to see how new directors and writers take on their own view and interpretation, in many different ways, no matter how many terrible versions appear over the years.

The monster of FRANKENSTEIN is loose, always roaming unbound, to be seen again in many ways, we can be certain.



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  1. David Watson ⋅

    This sounds really good, I lthink he is a good director.

  2. David Watson ⋅

    This looks good. I think he is a good director.

  3. Personally I have had enough of the vampire v werewolf nonsense of Underworld/Being Human etc, let’s hope there is none of that in this new Frankenstein

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