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You know, it is a tragic thing to read on Scifinow magazine website, of the cancellation of interesting brave horror fantasy drama THE FADES due to apparent budget reasons. It seems that it was a choice of that or more of BEING HUMAN-I suppose there was no shock in what would continue on. But I am honestly very sad thta we will lose THE FADES, as although it was slow and plodding in places, it began with a big dramatic mysterious dark premise and went along with a number of strange but certainly bold creative twists. It is obviously very likely that it was just too challenging and dark in a realistic sense, whereas BEING HUMAN has a large and growing fanbase, and success in America now it seems. That show just keeps getting bigger and better, as some see it.

Another point would be that BEING HUMAN has already had a number of series so far, that could be enough. Perhaps let THE FADES grow and show us the dark mythical world of the characters it offers?

Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of it that have been very cool, elements that please me and seem to work to great effect, but as it has developed I personally have lost interest with it largely over time. Maybe it is because it is so big and arguably mainstream that I am weary of it, but that could be just a bad personal geek envy, when cult transforms to mainstream.

Perhaps THE FADES could return to screens at some point to our screens, there could be a chance. It does thought make me feel nervous about the future of the oppoutnunities for more creative, bold genre television series produced in the UK.

There should always be hope for strong, original tales. BBC THREE, keep and open mind and take some risks.



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