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With a fifth season of the hugely popular sexy vampire television show due later this year, I was just wonder then about shows or films even which have their origins in novels or a series of books. How does this affect the show or movie?

Should it impact the production and influence it totally? Or should a show have complete freedom to begin at the book but then run with the characters and themes and just play with them through the different medium of television or film?

I have not watched TRUE BLOD right from the begining personally, but am now finding it more interesting as it develops after a few seasons. The characters and plots growing, and developing along but coming right back from the original initially successful series of books from author CHARLAINE HARRIS, the southern vampire mystery books. Even while HARRIS agreed with the producer and let him take the book and adapt after a number of others were also interested, have they really successfully translated the book to screen well enough?

It probably has pushed the limits of our perception of television horror or suspense and fantasy, with the continual raunch, naked flesh, blood splattering all over dark woods and exagerrated violence. The often controvertial but certainly successful advertising campaigns have been a huge part of putting TRUE BLOOD right into public consciousness, and as the show tackles a number of social issues through strong metaphor, this is a positive thing indeed.

Many current genre films and shows are regularly adapted from successful books, it is almost unavoidable. But how much crosses over from the original text to screen? How much should or needs to? How often are the authors and creators unimpressed or outraged at what how the book they are most proud of has then been distorted or simplified far too much?

With TRUE BLOOD, it seems that CHARLAINE HARRIS should probably remain very satisfied with the infamous and greatly recieved cult show on air right now. I do know some who have read the novels and are not left short changed, but entertained in a different way by the show, possibly just as satisfied.

Things might be nearing an end soon for SOOKIE and BILL and the many other characters with the increasing bizarre twists within, but this is a show making the original books proud.



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