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There is a new novel out from a hugely respected author, known for reinvigourating the vampire legend, and creating a series of highly romantic, thoughful, reflection and engaging novels that have influenced many over the last few dacades. Author of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, and others, creator of LESTAT, ANNE RICE is returning now, but leaving her vampires to one side, is focusing her attention on another classic horror icon-the werewolf. The book in question is called THE WOLF GIFT and is currently recieving growing praise for the different bold structure and writing from RICE.

Is this something ANNE RICE can successfully pull off? After so many novels which have so deeply explored the lives and dark tales of many undead fanged creatures for so long, and then even produced a couple of books reinterpreting the life of JESUS CHRIST, is this an author who can give us a tale of lycanthrope horror?

Mostly very likely the answer will be yes. Already some reviews are praising this new unexpected path from RICE, possibly allowing her fresh freedom and adventure in writing once more. Though her other characters and tales have been highly rewarding, stunning and original classic novels mostly, she should certainly have the right to break away from what people, even her loyal goth styled fanbase expect and usually wish from her.

I hope to read this new novel-THE WOLF GIFT-very soon myself, and know to expect a great work and tale of werewolves better than many others out in the bookshops.



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  1. Don’t know if you saw it but Anne Rice gave a lengthy interview to Google Books in March 2012 about her new book. It was clear with what passion she embraced this new writing project and enjoyed the freedom that an exciting new protagonist gave her to explore different aspects of the “human” and “animal” condition – she hinted she might write more about Reuben the Werewolf in future. I’m also looking forward to reading her book.

    • Yes, I did catch the end of it live streaming. That is a fantastic thing that more authors should be involved with. Yes, the book does sound very good, and that should be expected I think.

      • It was the first time I’d watched anything on Google Books and it was really quite well done, even though it could have done with a more seasoned interviewer. Aparently a friend suggested to AR in an email she could write about werewolves and the more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea.

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