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Alright, in the last few weeks I have come to view a few episodes of this new unexpected but really pretty funny half hour series on MTV of monster attacks, spoof docu police drama reality show and laughs galore.

In the sub-genre of many movies after SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and recently ZOMBIELAND and an almost unnoticed vampire rock band gem SUCK, here is a television series that holds similar chuckles and terror in great entertaining measure.

I did ignore it for a couple of episodes in, but now find it to be a fair good watch, like THE OFFICE with gore and monsters. Not only does it have expected possibly predictable but enjoyable visual gags with the vampire, zombie and werewolf fighting, but the police officer characters actually do have a decent level of their own lives and individual quirks. So far, a good fun ride, which might last for a while to come. This from a guy who did not really think ZOMBIELAND was fantastic, but I did, like many others, love SHAUN OF THE DEAD. This along with the also new series TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL have come to add some stupid, needed chuckles to the terror and scares creeping up our screens right now.



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