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Alright then, so we now have this trailer for the new BLOOD AND CHROME prequel series to the recent reimagined BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Right from the start, it seems perhaps very wisely they have seen the eventual problems that came and finished off the other prequel series CAPRICA. That was a very different and very challenging series, that was possibly doom from the begining, but still definately worth viewing.

This trailer for BLOOD AND CHROME reminds me a lot visually of the MASS EFFECT games series, especially the latest third and final game with the ultra realistic graphics and space opera hugeness.

Thinking back to the main modern BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series and the massive success which it gained eventually, watched by not just sci-fi geeks but entering the cynical and reluctant mainstream, everyone interested and curious, all finding something facinating in the series.

Some people have argued that the series possible lasted too long, went on further than it really should have or needed to from the begining. Then there was the troublesome writer’s strike around the last couple of series. This almost finished it there and then, but it pushed on, tying up the plot points and drawing together the by then epic spiritual and action packed storylines, in some ways to predictable ends.

So with this new series, will the makers simply be producing something much simpler, full of big explosions, sex and smoldering young space pilots, without much in the area of facinating and well written scripts and characters. Will there be such good actors as those from the main series? Such engaging characters as the reimagined Starbuck, Commander Adama, Gaius Baltar, Laura Roslin, Apollo and the super sultry Number Six Cylon?

There is going to be a much more dependable audience for a straight ahead space opera/military space shoot em’ up sci-fi series, rather than the fairly big risk that was taken with CAPRICA. It could be that CAPRICA was a strong enough indicator of what viewers just do not want in their television sci-fi series. Or is that just the male viewers, or did all viewers, either gender just not care about CAPRICA? That is for another time to discuss, right now we wait for the explosion that is BATTLESTAR GALACTICA-BLOOD AND CHROME.

A repeat of space action seem before, dumbed down and youth focused or something worth watching with an entirely new and exciting vision of the BATTLESTAR world?



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