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With the all pervasive AVENGERS ASSEMBLE( Oh that title, woe) promotion everywhere-interviews, posters, the trailers amazing us daily from all directions, I have returned my personal interest back to the forgotten adventures that wait still for Stark in the IRON MAN 3 sequel due to be shooting in the next couple of months.

Not too much has be revealed of the plot at all so far-I’m quite impressed at the secrecy, or worried that the script is still yet unfinished-but there are of course as expected a good many rumours and suggestions from the corners of the internet, from fanboys and comic obsessives (which does include myself to some humble level).

the die-hard IRON MAN fans would so much love to see the all powerful MANDARIN villain of the comics challenge Tony Stark this time. MANDARIN is arguably IRON MAN’S biggest, most suitable very comic book villain who keeps returning  every few years and has had some of the most challenging, epic battles with IRON MAN through the history of the comic, and the off shoot titles.

Or would that be far too obvious? Just too easy and predictable for the filmmakers? There have been suggestions that the third movie will go more in the direction of the BOURNE series, and become much more like JAMES BOND, more espionage, detective work, perhaps like overblown and camp with the brightly coloured costumed characters.

There could be some unknown new villian or threat for Stark, totally created just for the movie, but that would be such a waste I would believe as there as so many really interesting and potentially fantastic villains from the history of IRON MAN to take up and use, as they did with WHIPLASH/CRIMSON DYNAMO in the second film.

And then with Tony Stark and IRON MAN, where can they go next? They examined the past and family/father-son relationship in the last movie, so in this third they might look ahead with Stark. I see it perhaps getting more tragic, a more sombre darkness falling over the tale after the huge colourful smash and clash of the AVENGERS movie before it this year.

I will remain waiting like a true comic nerd, hoping for the rumoured after credits extra at the end of THE AVENGERS to shed some light on the direction of the third IRON MAN movie.

‘Nuff said, for now…



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