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This new movies seems to have slowly crept up on me, over a couple of months. Now having seen the very interesting trailer, and knowing that it happens to have been produced by only JOSS WHEDON, and scipted and directed by a guy DREW GODDARD who wrote films like CLOVERFIELD, and episodes of BUFFY, ANGEL,LOST and more; this could be one of the most definate unexpected big treats of the cinema this year.

In an article in TOTAL FILM magazine, WHEDON stated that both of them intended to produce something that overturned the stereotypes and expectations from horror films, the dumb blonde girls falling over and sidestep the ‘torture porn’ nastiness of recent years in horror cinema.

From the trailer, this movie actually seems to have so much more than usual horror tropes of dark woods and creepy shadows, jumps and some stalker. There are a number of unusual sci-fi elements apparent, and the usual clever fresh dialogue expected from projects involving WHEDON, and even features the fanastic FRAN KRANZ, who played super strange but fun ‘doll’ programmer in WHEDON’S DOLLHOUSE television series.

Though this movie seems to have endured a dramatic period in movie limbo, while distributors and studios experienced extreme problems, now with WHEDON rising up with the gigantic AVENGERS and GODDARD writing with SPEILBERG, CABIN… finally comes our way.

This strange, different movie will arrive to reveal the perhaps challenging but also genre blending ideas of WHEDON and GODDARD soon enough.



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