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The first KICK ASS movie was a sudden modern smack right to your face, a wake up and shake up to all the super serious dour superhero films that are a regular feature in multiplex cinemas every few months these days. From the very hilarious and fresh comic series by the now much respected and in demand MARK MILLAR, it was certainly a controvertial but also instantly loved and celebrated movie.

With the infamous potty mouth antics of little but deadly Hit Girl, and a very cool cameo role for NICOLAS CAGE, it seemed very relevant, needed and right in in line with how audiences view superheroes, and the desire to be like them in our modern dangerous urban environment.

The sequel is currently being scripted alongside the comic book series, and as reported in the latest SciFiNow issue, MARK MILLAR believes that this new episode will really be very close to the next series of comics that followed on from the first. Remembering how the movie ended, with the tragedy and the opening up of potential for very many more reckless vigilantes like KICK ASS, could a sequel really continue the story well enough?

I wonder if the initial impact of Hit Girl and NICOLAS CAGE’S Big Daddy, now gone of course, will be lost, with only the character of KICK ASS himself, played by AARON JOHNSON, to really there to possibly take us through the next story successfully. I did, like most people, think Hit Girl was a shocking but then very amazing little character, surprising but facinating. There could I suppose be the chance for her to be developed much more, as she grows into her teenage years, deepening her character. KICK ASS himself might have been only an initial gimmick, not truly strong enough to maintain our interest alone, but new characters could come in to support him well which seemed to work with Hit Girl and Big Daddy. The spoof and homage level could easily tip badly, or look just too wrong but MILLAR does seem to hold a good knack for judging it well  enough.

However it plays out, the concept alone, when done right seems relevant and very entertaining, socially aware, and portraying youthful angst like a more violent PETER PARKER of these modern times.



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