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Admittedly it really has taken me quite a while to get around to letting myself watch FRINGE proper, without holding back. I do get continually put off by huge hype of shows, but I think with this one it was initially the visual look of the show and of course the basic ‘X-Files’ copy tag that it was gaining unfairly.

Of course I had retained a casual interest in some way due to the fact that J J ABRAMS had been involved in the production and creation of this. Perhaps it seemed too quirky, light or mainstream. But that is just the basic first encounter. Giving it a chance over a couple of random episodes and reading up about the actual bold creative story arcs and narratives over series it does now seem a highly interesting series very  much worthy of seeing.

Having been on air since 2008, and now in a forth series it seems there is some uncertain rumour and anxious wonder about the future of the show. It is a strong modern cult classic, a reliable fan base in tune with all of the SF physics and quantum theory plot points and the many entertaining twists and turns along with the very interestingly crafted characters.

Interestingly it seems to be one of these shows that steadily has built a strong following over time, quietly confident despite negative reviews and now is known for what it offers in intelligent, challenging, modern science fiction for television.

But like many shows, how long can it continue on with the same characters without it getting repetitive and mundane? These are interesting, sometimes mysterious characters, often defying our presumptions and showing fresh sides to themselves among the twisting, mindmashing tales.

While I still might not personally watch ever episode fanatically I do think I undersand and respect what the show offers and I think it is a genuine special example of genre television today that crosses to mainstream well.

Might the creators have pushed things too far or not far enough for the dedicated fans? Too much mystery or not nearly ever enough?

A special show still on the FRINGE…



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