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Along with the continued popularity of all things vampire and zombie in cinema, fiction and television, now we have this short cheeky little juvenile gory series bringing the dark laughs our way. Among the many serious genre series such as AMERICAN HORROR STORY, SUPERNATURAL, TRUE BLOOD and more finally there are starting to break through a few shows that enjoy just taking a rise out of the cliches and stereotypes of horror and dark fantasy offering some break from the predictability and repetition.

This is a show where I recently saw the trailers and initially decided I would avoid it, as it seemed aimed really at young teens and could have been either very dumb stupid or soppy TWILIGHT romantic or for very young prepubecescent boys. Well, it kind of is, but actually it is still a great deal of fun too.

I caught the first double episode over on SyFy uk showing a couple of nights back, and was very pleased with the slacker, dirty mouthed rock and metal high school loser characters and often bizarre though funny dialogue.

It channels classic loser slacker films and shows, bringing to mind favourites like BILL AND TED, WAYNE’S WORLD, and a very good cult ninties sci-fi supernatural teen show ERRIE INDIANA. This is what it mostly reminds me of and could have mirrored that show far too much, but seems to keep a modern satirical edge.

It is scattered with occassional swearing and some splatter gore effects, so has to be aired around nine or ten at night it seems, but that does not hold it back or support weak script or acting.

Only two episodes in, I will continue to check it out, as it could be a very cool show, and it features JASON MEWES (JAY FROM CLERKS fame). With all these serious dramatic goth vampire love tales and neverending zombie attacks, what we need are a coupld of dumb airhead monster battling dumb guys, stoned and stupid but providing some bloody dark laughs.



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