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You know, again what has happened with the new epic sci-fi movie JOHN CARTER, approaching cinemas in the next week or two is the feel of huge over exagerrated hype to the extent that I had just about totally turned away from it, and that plus it being created by DISNEY, which instantly makes me unsure and cautious.

Watching the BBC REVIEW SHOW, they discussed this new SF epic movie, and how they viewed it. It does come from a very old souce of EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS books many decades ago, and has been continually languishing in development hell all this time. It turns out that this really is another stupendously massive budget risk-although this could be the hype again-costing so many millions and will really have to do so very well on box office when it opens or it could just become the next tragic DUNE sci-fi failure to die a horrible and painful death at the cinema.

It does have some quite interesting initial narrative beginings, and elements from close to the era when it was written originally and interestingly some of these elements do seem to have been left as they were, such as JOHN CARTER being a confederate civil war veteran who then is transported onto Mars where his adventure begins.

A while ago, having seen a few pictures and posters for the film, I had shrugged it off just another light tame lame SF family movie that would probably not interest me too much. Well, now I’ve seen quite a bit more, and it certainly does look very impressive, but that is only the images, effects, and explosions. Little has been heard of the dialogue, or acting seen yet.

Obviously DISNEY are really hopeful for a huge stable and relable franchise here, generating similar money and audiences to those of the STAR WARS prequels, THE MATRIX, LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER films. With JOHN CARTER coming from a series of novels, could the others be filmed successfully similar to those of the HARRY POTTER books?

The most recent movie close to it is definately JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR. Though that one was strictly tailored very carefully for much longer-technically at least- for 3D film processes, the production budgets were almost at least in the same mega budget area with close risks in  the money that could be lost which such gargantuan epic tales.

This new SF epic will also be showing in 3D of course in cinemas, but will that help it? Many fantasy/SF family movies from the pas thave looked very stunning only to have terrible clunking screenplays and wooden actors that have ruined all hope of them be memorable for good reasons.

Soon enough the classic genre books of JOHN CARTER will be depicted in our cinemas, and as the effects do seem to be of the hugely expensive and incredibly awesome variety, let us hope too that DISNEY have decided to craft a decent solid screenplay to support what could be a very good future series of movies.



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  1. I enjoyed John Carter, but I don’t think it’s going to turn out to be a hit for DIsney like they were hoping.

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