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Player one:Genre Games around now…

Again this week in various press and television there has been more dramatic debate about the merits and social dangers of modern video games on the youth of today and their attitudes and social skills once more. I do personally defend some elements of gaming, and as many games are certainly blurring the line in serious entertainent alongside film and television for storyline and characterisation and entertainment. There is definately a narrow line of media fear demonising of game culture.

While there are certain types of games which may remain hugely popular but very repetitive, fairly simple and violent there are then very many games which most definately challenge and engage the player, often RPG’s, also games such as PORTAL 2, HALF LIFE, games which truly stun and amaze like BIOSHOCK, MASS EFFECT, DEUS EX, L.A. NOIRE, ALAN WAKE, to name only a few which really demand full attention, thought, decision and choice making from the player. Highly interactive and stimulating, often educational.

So which games are arriving soon or out there that I really want to have a go with at the moment?

To begin, there is THE DARKNESS 2, sequel to the first game which was really very impressively film like and so engrossing. Like a very dark supernatural gothic gangster mob film with sniggering monsters it stood very unique and the sequel should be a great thing hopefully.

One of the very biggest and certainly most anticipated games of the year out in a few weeks will be MASS EFFECT 3, finishing off the space opera trilogy. The series has been hailed and loved as truly emotional, hugely dramatic stunning experience as you make choices through the games, shaing the narrative uniquely as you play each time individually. Porbably the most engaging, visually and dramatic sci-fi game out.

There is more RESIDENT EVIL on the horizon soon, with OPERATION RACOON CITY which may or may not be worth our time. How far can the gore horror survival series really go, and is it still really what it used to be or does that not matter so much? Then later around November there will be RESIDENT EVIL 6. It seems like it could be taking things right back to some of the more classic elements that we know and love, stronger characters and moments like in the second game. We will see.

There is unexpectedly a sequel to the fairly cool PROTOTYPE game, which hopefully might build on the initial begining as it really could be a very awesome title.

The METAL GEAR franchise returns, and could be coming back into a good stable level like it has been known for in past times with its blend of sleuth stealth combat sci-fi action.

Most people now are really getting hot under the collar for the new ALIENS game-ALIENS:COLONIAL MARINES, due March. Screen shots and trailer look very good, so could it be one of the better ALIEN title games, to really turn the second film successfully into game action?

 In the bestsellers we still have epic free roaming RPG SKYRIM, CALL OF DUTY:BLACK OPS, the final epic GEARS OF WAR 3, HALO REACH, a tasty METAL GEAR collected set, the fun and often bizarre fantasy FABLE 3, FINAL FANTASY of course has made another huge return, UNCHARTED still entertaining in the ongoing wild action hero style, as ever more STAR WARS branded games keep coming, with varied quality.

Me personally, I have to get right back there into Gotham, to BATMAN:ARKHAM CITY I think.



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One response to “Player one:Genre Games around now…

  1. maxsalnikov ⋅

    Let’s not leave out Max Payne 3. If videos are to be believed, it’ll be a game to behold:

    I’m similarly excited about Spec Ops: The Line:

    And as for the games that are all ready out… If you’re done with TESV and both Witchers, why not give Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning a look? I’m not done with either TES5 *or* Witcher 1, but it’s definitely up on my list of the games that I have to play:

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