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Well I am going to now simply promote a fantastically great looking new anthology collection which I have gained as a freebie in a  competition from the guys at Geek Syndicate wordpress blog. THE WEIRD is edited by ANN and JEFF VANDERMEER, Hugo award and World Fantasy award winners. It is a truly impressively huge book which includes so many collected short fiction tales from classic much respected authors such as KAFKA, LOVECRAFT, SAKI, through to more modern edgy writers just as admired and talented including some very personal favourites like CLIVE BARKER, POPPY Z BRITE, RAMSEY CAMPBELL, NEIL GAIMAN. There are writers fearured who would not usually be collected together like DAPHNE DU MAURIER, ROBERT BLOCH, the amazing MR JAMES, the legend that is STEPHEN KING, and so many more.

With an introduction from MICHAEL MOORCOCK, and ‘Afterweird’ from the currently highly successful CHINA MIEVILLE, I just cannot wait to dig right into this heavy facinating big read. You certainly should consider it if you too also have any interest in just what WEIRD really is…



Author of science fiction novels Orbital Kin and Minerva Century-also horror, literary fiction, many short stories and screenplays. Always reading, writing, watching films, playing guitar/bass, and am a husband with a coffee addiction. New horror novel due for 2017. This is my blog, offshoot from my website. It will be where I post current thoughts, opinions, views, reviews, or discussions about contemporary film, movies, books, video games, television series mostly in the horror, science fiction, fantasy and their sub-genre offshoots. The entertainment not in the mainstream (for the most part) and proud of it. Also follow me on twitter- @ParsonsFiction, and facebook - James E Parsons

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