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Well right now many sources are telling us that, while it looks serious that there could be some kind of sequel to the classic sci-fi film BLADE RUNNER, now HARRISON FORD is claimed to most definately not be returning. I would say that does make sense. It is almost like the news of ARNIE coming back to TERMINATOR 5. Yes, very great and iconic actors and roles they owned, but how much more could they actually add?

With BLADE RUNNER, would FORD actually be playing DECKARD again some time later continuing the story as we left it-in one of the endings. We all loved him and know him well as one of the most iconic actors of the last three decades in genre movies, as HAN SOLO, INDIANA JONES and DECKARD besides other roles. Those action days, jumping, chasing, fighting-are probably well past him now. For evidence, see most recent INDIANA JONES movie. Oh dear that was a long awaited tragic car crash.

Ultimately, what would probably be most interesting would be to see a younger RICK DECKARD perhaps starting out as a BLADE RUNNER, and learning about the replicants, and their beginings from the start leading up to the original film perhaps. There are other spin-off books and tales and of course the original novel from PHILIP K DICK which was not even fully adapted to the screen, given some difficulties. Only the future will tell how the replicants will return, but a near future it seems…



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