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TERMINATOR 5:Arnie will be back…?

A report from SCI-FINOW magazine tells us that we could very soon be expecting the fifth TERMINATOR movie and that it could most likely return to a more violent, bloody style of the first two JAMES CAMERON directed movies which most fans adore.

The curious news to me though is that ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is apaprently going to be returning to the franchise again, possibly in his original role as T-800 cyborg man machine in a more lead role. This is not new, as he did return in the much lamented third movie to be beaten by the lady terminator, and a blink and miss it version appeared in the last one, TERMINATOR SALVATION but this seems to possibly be him in the role through an entire new movie. The awkward part is in wondering, is ARNIE still really up to it?

If we think of the TERMINATOR movies, we see his face-the shades, the grim expression, the torn skin and metal underneath one side. He was iconic, he was, and is the TERMINATOR movies. Or is he? The previous film of 2009, TERMINATOR SALVATION, with CHRISTIAN BALE and SAM WORTHINGTON as the leads, did work reasonably well, and much better than the third. Should ARNIE be in another sequel then? Does it need him now? Apparently the metal exoskeleton cyborgs, Cyberdyne, Skynet and the resistance along with John Connor and Sarah Connor do seem to take the series along very well without the ARNIE faced T-800.

It seemed that TERMINATOR SALVATION did open out a path to some good potential further films. Thankfully it did give fans that long awaited vision of the future and the resistance battle led by Connor, with some very stunning effects and sequences but still some thin characterisation. But would adding ARNIE back resolve these issues or simply allow bigger budget and hype?

There really could be one or two more great films in this franchise but let’s hope that it does not ruin the established legacy as it has almost done previously. He might be back…



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