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I am talking now about the director of the hugely anticipated superhero filled THE AVENGERS movie due in a couple of months. A film which includes IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, and other MARVEL characters, it was a film which many big name directors must have been so desperate to be attatched to and it eventually was handed to JOSS WHEDON.

Yes, initially I was not really a big admirer of his work while he was creating the very successful BUFFY series on television. In more recent times, I can now very much undestand the praise which was directed his way for very original different natural character writing and more interesting scripts and some of the most believable, strong, engaging female characters on television, not just genre television series.

Right now many though might be nervous over how WHEDON will handle some of the most iconic, legendary MARVEL characters and in one of the biggest mainstream super budget movies in recent times. The elements he normally works with have been magnified a thousand times now, the pressure immense. But then he was most likely chosen-and rightly as many believe-because he could produce the right kind of performance and script that a number of superhero movies have failed to do in the last few years. Like the great group performances of characters from his television shows BUFFY andFIREFLY, it is hoped he will bring a similar quality to THE AVENGERS heroes gang.

Also personally, I would look to his last television series, DOLLHOUSE which recieved a mixed level of good and bad responses and was after two series cancelled in 2010. I actually did really enjoy the series, and I would say it has been one of the best, most interesting, challenging genre sci-fi series on television in the last decade possibly. Yes, admittedly not every episode was great, it dipped and peaked regularly but generally it was a very good series which allowed WHEDON to move to more adult characters and themes. This could be why it failed to some degree, although it was uneven. But I think that DOLLHOUSE shows good potential for teh success of THE AVENGERS movie. Again, as usual like BUFFY and other work, the characters were very realistic, down to earth, but engaging while the storylines moved along well with a reasonably good balance of pace and suspense although that is where it could have tightened up.

Only now a few short months until the mighty AVENGERS movie smashed onto our cinema screens and hopefully JOSS WHEDON  will give us a mighty marvel adventure.



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