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There are as you might know, very many comic book movie adaptations on the horizons right now, as it seems unending the bandwagon success of flims like IRON MAN/IRON MAN2, SPIDERMAN, THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA, the X-MEN movies, and many more. But are they really ever as good as they could be or should be?

Some have failed badly, some very badly. I myself do hold a fond place for strange comic inspired flops such as DICK TRACY, HOWARD THE DUCK, SPAWN and a few more. They may not have been produced to the best results, often really showing so little respect for the original comic tales they came from, and hugely angering loyal fanbases.

In the months to come ahead in 2012, we will have the opportunity to see GHOST RIDER-SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE, a fairly quick follow up to a reasonably decent first movie. I was a fan, but did see how much more could have been done with it, as is regularly the case. The comicbook has been around for decades, and changed a few times, initially a bit camp and halloween looking, eventually very graphic, bloody, violent and with a deep dark mythology and a number of interesting characters through the pages. These things were igonred in the first film, and I could cynically guess that kept it seeming more appealing to a wider, younger audience-or so the producers and distributors maybe hoped.

Again, NICOLAS CAGE  reprises the dark skull-head lead role, but things now look more girm, gritty and wild. With the directors of the CRANK movies, it it hoped to be a much more energetic frantic crazed film. Will it though be more loyal to the comic storylines and themes, perhaps even show a few of the more bizarre and strange characters too?

There is so much to use that would look absolutely stunning and impressive from those colourful, fantastic pages of the comics. Yes, could be much darker, probably closer to a kind of horror film, but that would be a truer version and I believe that would still be a huge success with many fans of dark fantasy and horror movies.

My own next few comic movies adaptaions which I am eagerly awaiting right now include IRON MAN 3(Really hope there is a good version of the MANDARIN involved), THE AVENGERS, I suppose THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, THOR 2, PREACHER (If that is ever likely to happen), DR.STRANGE(Ditto), and the new DREDD Judge Dredd film. All could be good, all could stay faithful-but how likely is that?

However they turn out, we can always return to those classic pages, where there is no budget limit on special effects, and no labels or restrictions as much as in Hollywood…



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