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This is a movie set to be another really huge event, another superhero film, coming up behind THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE AVENGERS but with very many people eager to see the results. As the first modern SPIDERMAN movie with TOBEY MAGUIRE was released a decade ago now, it arguably built the grounds for the continued massive success of modern superhero movies that seem to explode from the multiplexes on a monthly basis these days.

That first was a fantastic bright new hope, and mostly due to the use of SAM RAIMI as director it was the kind of film be had been made to create, it had been gestating in his DNA. The second spidey movie now possibly holds more respect and adulation from fans, which seemed to have greater script, better acting and pathos and emotional gravity thoughout. And then came the third movie-I’ll hold back a huge crazed rant right now, but I think we all known that it just did not go totally well. We all moaned and ridiculed that film, but it did have some very great moments we often forget-THE SANDMAN remember was undeniably stunning every second on screen, and VENOM well, I don’t think he was all that bad really.

As a self-confessed comic nerd type guy, I like many of you know the comics fairly well, the storylines of the past, some great concepts they could use. The mind boggles at the endless amount of characters and plots which could be so fantastic as SPIDERMAN movies. CGI effects could produced well, any villains or scenarios now, anyting can be shown on screen.

The director of THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN is MARC WEBB, who may produce a decent movie. The trailers do look quite dramatic, but personally I have had the problem of not being sure if we really need this new reinvention of SPIDEY so soon from the last one. I am not the only person to think this, although it will be around five years since SPIDERMAN THREE when this new one appears. Does that make it alright then?

There is a new cast, new lead in ANDREW GARFIELD, EMMA STONE as a new GWEN STACY, RHYS IFANS-a very unusual but experienced actor giving us new villian THE LIZARD. This could actually be a great new superhero flick. But was it needed?

There had as we know unfortunately been tense problems involving SAM RAIMI, MAGUIRE and some form of what could have been SPIDERMAN 4. What might it have been? What villians could have been in it? But it has ended there. Rebooted, rebranded, restarted and going again. For a new generation. Like many products, commodities, it needed new packaging it seemed.

Well let’s see how well this new spider climbs up the box office.



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