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DARK SHADOWS:Burton and living dead TV

The spook show dark prince of cinema TIM BURTON creeps back with this movie remake/adaptation/whatever based on the cult obscure television series from the late sixties. It was not hugely well known in the UK I beleived but it does seem to have been a very strange and decent starting point for a BURTON project at least.

After the staggeringly finacially successful but critically jaded ALICE IN WONDERLAND reinvention/sequel he has seriously returned to the darker, spooky environments which he knows best. This will I expect be very much welcomed gladly from his core goth arty audience.

One point with BURTON is that he does seem to keep wanting to remake and rehash old films, movies, concepts, franchises, programmes continuously. Usually the results are as impressive as his work can be, with the occassionally mess but I wish he would throw out his own original idea more often. Thing is, with BURTON, my favourite of his movies have always been based on existing concepts and they have arguably produced his most solid, impressive work. BATMAN, BATMAN RETURNS, BEETLEJUICE, PEEWEE…, SLEEPYHOLLOW… fantastic movies with BURTON only mostly directing.

Of course if the end result is great then there should not really be any objection on how DARK SHADOWS turns out. Again, with JOHNNY DEPP, HELENA BONHAM CARTER and MICHELLE PFEIFFER returning from his previous projects there will be a similar atmosphere.

Many folk I know, do not like him. BURTON to some is ‘GOTH’ cinema-too dark, same visual look reoccuring again and again, and yes, some of the same actors to some people’s annoyance. I see though, view him like a painter such as PICASSO, or MIRO, many similar reoccuring themes and elements but you know you will get good quality in a progressing style you admire. That’s my view anyway.

Another problem could be adapting this cult TV series to a movie length. To me, that does not always work well. Looking at this project, I easily think of the ADDAMS FAMILY movies though, and they actually were great fun.

One pleasing point is that it has been filmed, as he now often is doing, in the UK with again some of our respected actors which is superb. But possibly it is the fact that it is from an old American series. I think I will be pleased though to see JOHNNY DEPP finally once more distorting his handsome looks and really becoming a creepily bizarre Max Schreck NOSFERATU double which should be one of the best parts of this new movie.

Another sad frustration with BURTON, is that we know how much he personally is fond of classic horror cinema, but usually stay very reasonably family-friendly. Then of course, SWEENY TODD actually poured on the gore and cuts in a murderously macabre manner.

This will be one of the more creepy films to expect in the next few months, and it will in some ways have many bizarre chills and thrills to shock us with.



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