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LOST GIRL: Dark and Delightful…

It has taken me sometime to keep up with this fun wicked new dark urban supernatural crime series showing on SyFy currently. It started off unusual, curiously different and possibly worth keeping an eye on. Eventually it seemed to stand out from the many other genre television series right now. With so many numerous series getting the chop after a first series, and many just blurring plotlines with one another, this is managing to be just interesting and fresh enough.

Too many current science fiction/fantasy series are predictable in terms of narrative or are taking themselves way too seriously to be enjoyable I am finding. Yes, I do ant a beleivable gripping series, where I want to return for the next episode like I need it badly, but we also need things to relax a little. In LOST GIRL, I see a good few similarities with the work of JOSS WHEDON. This of course is not too unusual given the increasing influence he has had which seems to be more evident in new movies and television very regularly. But where many I think too awkwardly try too hard to mimick his style of plotting and characters LOST GIRL builds on it and does its own thing. I does not think that it is the most thrilling, deep or complex series but simply has fun on a easy level balancing the detective crime plot along with BO’s search for her identity and real past. I also finally see some influence of NEIL GAIMAN though it is unusual that it is in a show made in Canada.

There is humour, so thankfully it is funny. This is just such a relief. Now I was not in the past a huge dedicated BUFFY or ANGEL fan, but I do these days very much appreciate FIREFLY and DOLLHOUSE from WHEDON. The humour just easily makes it more watchable, in its own way ‘realistic’ and enjoyable. A very notable point is the sexual orientation of BO-yes she is a succubus, but it is a specific feature of the series for her to be very much strongly independent, sexually attractive and tempting. There is a quite original mix of tension and desire, confusion and temptation between BO and a number of the main characters. It in some ways, reflects our modern multi-gendered society reasonably well, rather than the usual weak confused female needing the strong alpha male narratives. Though not specifically lesbian or bisexual, it seems to at least present confident modern gender freedom.

In other ways it stays unique also such not holding back for a more family friendly primetime audience, to plays to a mature adult viewer with plenty of dark spooky chills, hot playful lust and raunch between characters and good regular adult jokes and humour. It is not entirely perfect naturally, some episodes play weaker than others, but like much JOSS WHEDON work, it is often the well written characters and dialogue between them which draws me back again. Specifically KSENIA SOLO who plays the highly entertaining sidekick girl KENZI, is a fantastic comedy element, so much fun and just a really great new young actress.

There are a number of facinating characters which are then played by a group of very well chosen actors, with their own mysterious backstories just gradually unravelling at the right pace it seems.

Thankfully a second series has recently been announced, which should give them much more opportunity to build on the plot and the darkly wicked and entertaining adventures of BO and KENZI. I will be watching the Fae while she is still lost.



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