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Okay then people, from here on in, I have been thinking about looking at the way we view films, movies, books or games right here now. Why do we accept certain kinds of characters, plots, narratives very easily? We knew big companies and distributors do have strong control on what is produced and chosen often, be still there are regular kinds of films or books with reoccuring tales, types, stories probably far too often. Now, would that be due to only budget issues? With film or movies quite possibly yes. We want to see the very best effects, stunts, sights amazing us so well in the theatres or at home. Not everyone, true. There are obviously mainstream and more cult tastes in film, fiction, games even.

There ar of course good examples of highly creative tales appearing from places outside of Britain or America (Hollyweird). And as is often a good sign, when budget are tight, brilliant creativity shines through. While CGI effect might not come best from outside USA, often films, fiction even from elsewhere seems to in ways scrub narrative clean, rewrite and unblock fiction and entertainment production.

I like my more recent surprising films from Spain, France. Sweden, Asia and elsewhere and still remain open to the big shouty shows of display from the West. I think am I finding that we should all be as open as possible, brave and adventurous when looking for that next book of fiction or film to entertain us for a couple of hours. Be brave out there…


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